By Fazel Mostashari, MBT, CPA/PFS, CFP, CDFA

Owning and operating a private dental practice or business is not commonly taught at any university or college.

Dentists have to struggle to find success through many trials and errors, which, of course, cost money, energy, and time (sometimes many years). Only after this struggle are they able to operate a financially sound and profitable practice.

The truth is, many dentists might be great clinicians but end up completely lost running a business. On the other hand, some dentists might excel in the dentistry business with a modest work schedule, simply managing their business based on good, valid, and time-tested principles.

We have created this website to provide invaluable support to dentists in building a business. We will help you cut down on errors and, at the same time, maximize resources.

We also provide custom solutions for all seasons of dentistry business, for when you’re ready to buy and start a dental business, when you’re actively managing a business, and when even when you’re planning your exit.

We can provide unique and custom answers to provide a solid foundation for your practice’s success and the realization of personal financial goals.

We believe that the foundation of a lasting client relationship is our ability to listen to your needs and to create a custom solution uniquely tailored to your goals and circumstances. Our goal is to provide you with financial expertise, industry guidance, exceptional service, and trusted advice that you can use to reach your goals for your practice or business. We are here to help you realize the financial rewards you deserve.

We provide a TWO HOUR FREE IN-PERSON CONSULTATION, that we might best understand your needs and then tailor solutions to meet your specific goals.

We offer a FREE initial consultation for Dental Professionals.

Call us today at 818-884-2549 and speak with Fazel Mostashari, Dental CPA, to learn how we can assist you in your dentistry business.

Dental Practice Start-Up Services

  • Dental Practice Valuations
  • Practice Acquisitions
  • Practice Mergers
  • Formation or Dissolution of Partnerships
  • Associate Buy-ins
  • Dental Practice Transitions
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Business Modeling
  • Cost/feasibility Study
  • Demographic Site Analysis
  • General Demographics
  • Socioeconomic Indicators
  • Dental Practice Competitive Analysis
  • Long-term Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Entity Structuring
  • Assistance Securing Financing
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Dental Office Accounting Set-up and Support
  • Dental Practice Bench Marking

Our Dental CPA firm provides dental professionals with a wide variety of custom services to enable dentists to excel in the dentistry business. It’s vital that dental businesses are well established, so that personal and business success may be accomplished in an effective manner and that potential risks are recognized, minimized, and promptly dealt with.

Check out the services we provide to dentists and dental practices:

  • Reconcile your bank account, credit accounts and loans
  • Generate an income statement (P&L)
  • Generate a balance sheet
  • Clean up your general ledger
  • Prepare your personal income tax return
  • Prepare your business income tax return
  • Prepare any required sales and use tax returns
  • Prepare your Worker’s Compensation audit reports
  • Prepare your Form 571-L Business Property Tax returns
  • Prepare Forms 1099 for any vendors or independent contractors

In addition to these services, we’re always available to speak with you over the phone or communicate by email regarding any questions about your dental practice.

We provide dental practice valuations and due diligence as well as consulting during the purchase process. Our services are unique and unmatched in the field. We provide all the resources that are necessary for you to be well prepared for the winding road of purchasing and owning a dental practice. We offer our expertise to help your business succeed!

For each of our clients, we develop a custom Personal Financial Score Card. We discuss the items to ensure your customized path to personal financial success and also to limit your personal and business liability. We employ a fee-only financial adviser to serve our clients’ best interests.
We never sell any products and we never get any commissions. We are paid only by our clients. There are many salespeople out there who sell (or push) bad products that financially harm dentists’ in the long term. We always recommend staying away from bad products. Review the items that we discuss based on current and future goals. Remember, planning is a process that is continuous and requires knowledge, skills, ethics and patience.
A. Estate: Will & Living Trust, Titling of Assets, Irrevocable Trusts, Durables Power of Attorney, and Gifts & Charity Planning
B. Investing: Equity/Fixed Income Ratio, Diversification, Handling of Benefits, Tax Planning, and Cost Minimization
C. Risk: Business & Umbrella Coverage, Life Insurance, Property & Liability Insurance, Health Insurance, and Disability & Long Term Care Insurance
D. Spending: Saving Target, Meeting Target, Budgeting, Liquidity, and Debt Management
F. Goals: Retirement, College, Home, Work, and Enjoying Now

Our fees are competitive and fixed. In addition, we provide a 25% discount on hourly charges for all dental professionals. For all other services, as needed, there will be a fixed price set and communicated in advance.
We provide every dental professional a TWO HOUR FREE CONSULTATION to discuss any issue they may have or any of the services we’ve described above. Please see our main website at for more references and resources.

We would be happy to provide you with an appointment at your convenience to discuss how we can serve you.

As a financial professional, and also as a husband of a dentist, I have been involved in the dental industry since the start of my career as a CPA. Being a Dental CPA is a calling and I am proud of being part of my clients’ careers.

I have assisted many dental professionals at various stages in their careers, starting with planning the financing of dental school, to being a new associate dentist, to buying a practice, then expanding the practice, repaying debts, building wealth, and finally enjoying retirement.

Our Los Angeles Dental CPA is a full-service financial firm that provides practice optimization, personal assistance, and tax and financial guidance for dental professionals’ needs. Our in-depth knowledge about the dental industry, combined with business expertise, helps our clients’ businesses to thrive.

Our focus on dental practices provides an unmatched depth of knowledge about the business needs of dental professionals. Our capability extends well beyond tax regulation and accounting compliance to profit improvement, wealth building, and exit planning.

Fazel Mostashari MBT, CPA/PFS, CFP, CDFA
Master of Business Taxation, MBT
Certified Public Accountant, CPA
Personal Financial Specialist, CPA/PFS
Certified Internal Auditor, CIA
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA
Registered Investment Adviser
Certified Fraud Examiner, CFE
Enrolled Agent to Practice Before the IRS, EA
California Real Estate Broker
Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA Level II Candidate

The Next Steps…

We provide TWO HOURS OF FREE IN-PERSON CONSULTATION so that we may be able to understand your business needs and goals, and then customize solutions based on your best interests.
Call us today at 818-884-2549 and speak with Fazel Mostashari, Dental CPA, to learn about how we can assist you in your dentistry business.

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